French Maid Costumes

Good luck finding a sexier Halloween costume than the French maid costume.  The French maid costume is always going to turn heads; there is just no way around it.  While French maid Halloween costumes come in a wide variety of styles, they are all sexy through and through.  Adult French maid costumes are going to have very short skirts, sometimes ruffled, fishnet stockings, an apron and a feather duster.  Don’t forget, high heels are an absolute must!  Definitely expect to get lots of looks if you choose one of the many sexy French maid Halloween costumes this year.

There is actually quite a bit of variety on the basic French maid costume theme.  Don't be surprised to find a lot of choices on how much lace is used and where.  There are also different color choices, and French maid Halloween costumes can be found in black and even pink. One of the great things about the French maid costume look is that the costumes also come in plus sizes as well.  It is not uncommon to find French maid costume plus size available for sale.

Why should only the humans get all the French maid fun?  Why not a matching French maid costume for your dog this Halloween season?  That's right you can get a French maid costume for your dog to go along with your adult French maid Halloween costume. The odds of anyone at the party forgetting you and your dog are very, very low.

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