Funny Cowboy Costume

Funny Cowboy CostumeFunny costumes are the lifeblood of any good Halloween party.  While scary costumes are great and Halloween wouldn’t be the same without them, if every single costume were a scary one, things might get “out of whack.”  Twenty Dracula’s standing up against the wall sipping Bloody Marys might be funny, but it could make for a dull party.

That’s the importance of a good funny costume.  A funny costume keeps a smile on everyone’s face and keeps the mood light and easy.  Take, for example, The Illusion Bull Rider Adult Costume.  This funny cowboy costume creates the hilarious illusion of a cowboy riding a crazy, bucking rodeo bull!

This wild and crazy bull inflates, thanks to a battery-powered fan. The costume also comes complete with a cowboy hat.  Just add a cowboy shirt and a great pair of your favorite cowboy boots and the look isn’t just fun, but its authentic.

There are great ways to dress up this costume too, such as an oversized cowboy mustache, why the options are endless. The Illusion Bull Rider Adult Costume is a sure-fire way to bring cheer and fun to any Halloween costume.  Just make sure that you inflate your bull.

Find it on Spirit Halloween!
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