Futurama Costumes

Futurama is a TV show by the creator of the Simpsons, and has a similar style. However instead of a focus on a family, Futurama is about a guy from the 20th Century who finds himself in 1000 years in the future after being cryogenically frozen. Fry left his life behind as a pizza delivery boy to become a delivery boy for the company Planet Express, owned by his nephew, Professor Farnsworth. The show is full of futuristic sci-fi elements like robots, aliens and spaceships. Thanks to the amount of unique character designs, Futurama costumes can be a lot of fun to wear.

Some of the most popular Futurama costumes are Bender costumes, Leela costumes and Fry costumes, since they are the main characters of the show. Futurama costumes can be found at many sci-fi and comic book conventions. There was even a reference to Futurama cosplays in one of the episodes when Bender wore a Leela costume to a convention. Other characters from the show make great costumes as well, like Zoidberg, Zapp Brannigan and even a Nibbler costume for a pet.

Since some Futurama costumes are fairly simple, you may wish to use props to make them more recognizable. An Amy Wong costume is simply a pink sweat suit and Fry wears jeans, a white t-shirt and a red jacket. But adding props like a Planet Express package or a ray-gun will add a unique element to the costume. Even a prop like a brain slug hat or a “I Love New New York” t-shirt can give a costume more detail.

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