Geek Costumes

Geek has become the new cool with topics once considered geeky becoming mainstream. Computer nerds, programmers, gamers, Star Wars fans, LARPers and fanboys don’t have to hide their geekyness in shame any more. Geeky costumes aren’t just about pocket protectors and bad hair cuts any more—they’re about computers, web browsers, video games, and anything else that falls into “geek culture.” That’s not to say that a good nerd or geek costume isn’t still funny, but some geeks are actually pretty cool too.

Thanks to geeks like TV’s Chuck Bartowski not every geek costume has to be so cliché. Adam and Jamie from MythButhers also make a good name for geeks by showing the dangerous side of science. Of course it’s not just guys who get all the geeky glory. Characters like Lisa Simpson or Liz Lemon show that geek girls can be likable and all-around awesome. TV host Olivia Munn also shows off her geekery, often wearing geek costumes, dressing as Princess Leia, Wonder Woman and Chun Li.

The possibilities for geek costumes are endless. Internet geeks can’t go wrong with a YouTube costume or Facebook profile costume that only requires some poster board to make. Programmers might dress up like a computer tower and web designers might show off their love for their favorite browser by wearing a FireFox costume. You don’t have to stick to the pocket protector wearing nerd look to pull off a good geek costume. Band geek costumes can be funny, especially for adults who were a band geek in high school.

Even if you’re more of a jock or a fashionista, you can be a geek too so why not let that side of yourself come out occasionally in costume?

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