GI Joe Cobra Commander Adult Costume


Leader of the terrorist organization Cobra and arch enemy of GI Joe, Cobra Commander is about as egotistical and maniacal as they come. Appearing in the toy line, comics and 80’s cartoon, Cobra Commander constantly tries to take over the world, but for some reason none of his plans ever seem to work. Apparently there’s just no defeating real American heroes. Either way cursing GI Joe and telling your minions what to do has got to be fun. This GI Joe Cobra Commander Adult Costume is sure to help you fulfill your dreams of taking down the American government and big corporations. He’s an especially fun character to dress up as since you get to act ludicrously self-centered, impatient and cruel.

It’s unclear exactly why Cobra Commander hides his face; perhaps it’s simply to make him appear more mysterious and menacing. Although the animated series does at one point suggest that he has some kind of hideous deformity, but his face is never actually shown.

Throughout the years there have been a few different reiterations of Cobra Commander. Sometimes Cobra Commander can be seen in a hood and cloak, but our favorite rendition of him is the classic blue uniform with a shiny chrome mask. The costume features the blue uniform with a red Cobra insignia on the chest, as well as a helmet, mask, belt, gloves and boot covers. The leg holster and dagger are also available.

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