GI Joe Costumes

When the first GI Joe action figure came out in 1964 no one could have guessed how popular it would become. Throughout the years GI Joe has inspired cartoons, comic books and movies, and of course, GI Joe Costumes. With decades of different costume designs and characters to choose from GI Joe fans have a lot of costume choices.

One of the great things about GI Joe costumes is that they’re great for groups. GI Joe group costumes can include all of the GI Joe team or Cobra villains, or both. GI Joe has always been a favorite of boys, but there are even GI Joe costume ideas available for girls. Girls can wear Lady Jaye, Scarlett and Baroness costumes. GI Joe even includes a great costume idea for twins, the Cobra Crimson Twins, Tomax and Xamot. Even couples can get in on the fun and wear Baroness and Destro costumes.

Thanks to the 80s GI Joe cartoon, the series has a lot of really quirky costumes to choose from, like Shipwreck and Bazooka. Usually these characters have some kind of gimmick incorporated into their costume and personality that matches their codename. Of course if you’re not into army fatigues or plastic helmets you can always dress like one of the ninja characters from GI Joe, Snake Eyes or Storm Shadow. Each from opposing sides-GI Joe and Cobra-these two ninja costumes are perfect for two friends who want to go with a versus theme.

Some GI Joe costumes simply pay homage to the original toy rather than the cartoon characters that came later. A GI Joe action figure costume could include a giant cardboard box to emphasize the fact that it’s a toy. But whether you got into GI Joe because of the action figures, TV shows or movies, there are tons of great costume ideas to choose from.

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