GI Joe Storm Shadow Ninja Costume

GI Joe Storm Shadow CostumeGI Joe has long been a hit with kids of all ages.  The fast paced nature of the show, combined with all the cool gadgets and vehicles help make GI Joe a mainstay with kids.  Of course, the success of the big-budget GI Joe only help to make costumes like the GI Joe-Storm Shadow Deluxe Child Costume a winner.

The GI Joe-Storm Shadow Ninja Costume really stands out from the crowd.  First, you will notice that this villain wears all white.  Now that is pretty unusual for a ninja. But this unexpected twist is one that is no doubt loved by children and helps make this popular children’s costume.  The costume also comes with a white hood, white belt and white fingerless gloves.

One additional fun aspect to this ninja costume is that you can dress up your Storm Shadow ninja costume in a variety of ways.  Add a fake ninja weapon or try dressing up your favorite canine sidekick in his own ninja costume.  That’s right there are pet costumes on the market for dogs.  The pet ninja costume is a real treat.  Imagine all the smiles when your little ninja and his pet dog sidekick walk into the room!

Find it on Spirit Halloween!
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