Giggle the Clown Costume


For most of us the clown represents good times, fun, the circus and great Halloween parties.  Many of us have great memories of being taken to the circus as children only to see clowns galore performing all sorts of magic, silliness and mayhem.  The clown sadly, is not a source of joy and magic for everyone.  Perhaps you’ve seen clips from a talk show or two showing people who are inexplicably afraid of the simple clown.  This condition is known as coulrophobia.

Those suffering from coulrophobia are simply terrified of clowns.  If you suffer from this condition then not only is Halloween a little rough, but it can be extra rough if a clown happens to come your way.  Most of us, however, don’t fear clowns, at least not too much.  Deep down many of us have at least a little coulrophobia hidden in some dark corner, and that is what makes the clown costume so very perfect for Halloween.  The clown costume is one of those rare costumes that lets you really get into people’s heads.

In fact, sometimes you are just in the mood for a good clown costume.  A clown costume just screams, “I want to have fun” or at least squirt you with a water flower.  When this mood strikes, you need a good clown costume.  Giggle the Clown Costume is a truly colorful clown costume, which embraces the multi-colored polka dot and runs with the concept.  Whimsical bloomers, shoe covers and ties help round out this very fun and energetic costume.

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