Glowing Campfire & Marshmallow Roasting Costumes

Imagine sitting by the glow of a flickering campfire telling scary stories on Halloween. Our 12 year old daughter loves everything about camping. So when she suggested she be a glowing campfire for Halloween, I took on the challenge with her. We took a broken hula hoop from the back yard combined with some old wire garden fencing to form a ring of fire that she could trick or treat in. Vinyl table cloths & foil wrapping paper covered over 60 individually wired flames. We used blinking & non-blinking battery operated Christmas lights wired onto the flames make her fire resemble a real campfire. We used felt to cover newspaper “rocks” to form the fire pit. Her marshmallow on-a –tick hat was made from sheet foam, wire and a floral wreath. Who’s up for a Halloween So more?

The picture shows it by day & night

Submitted by Cassie, Colorado SprIngs

Find it on Spirit Halloween!
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