Goldberg the Bulldog as a Flying Monkey from the Wizard of Oz

This year for Halloween, we wanted to dress our 2 year old English Bulldog, Goldberg, up as a Flying Monkey from the Wizard of Oz. Unfortunately, we could not find any costumes in stores or on-line, so we decided to make one. We got feather boas for the monkey fur and tail, aluminum foil to make the hat and ears, wings from a costume store, a wire hanger for the tail and we bought fabric and trim to make the vest and to cover the hat and ears. It took a lot of fabric glue, a lot of patience and almost 8 hours of construction to get this costume finished, but we did it! Lucky for us, Goldberg is such a good boy and sat for a couple hours while we dressed him for this picture. We were so proud of him and so glad all of our hard work paid off!

Submitted by Michelle Graddy, Addison, TX

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