Good Costume Ideas Done Bad


Sometimes people have good costume ideas, but the execution is just terrible. Whether it's due to laziness or lack of time some costumes just never come together in the end. Check out these good costume ideas done badly.

We're not sure what's worse, the cardboard C3P0 or the trash can R2D2.

This costume could have been really awesome had they made themselves to look like a mutant growing out of the toxic goo. Otherwise it just looks like a kid in a trash can.

These cat and devil costumes took 15 minutes tops.

Aw come on, you could have at least put some underwear on over your pants to complete the Super Hero look.

We didn't realize bunnies have purple heads and orange feet. This costume would have come together much better with matching accessories.

This cardboard croc costume would be a lot more impressive if it was painted.

A bug? Did someone rip your wings off?

Hello Kitty is meant to be cute, but by matching her beady black eyes your face looks more like a skull than a cuddly kitty.

This costume would have been fine, but is the felt mask really neccessary?

Sometimes costumes are so terrible they're actually awesome like these Star Wars costumes.

This board game costume would have been much more coherent if they used something stiff like cardboard.

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