Gory Costumes

When you think of Halloween costumes you think of scary, spooky and gory costumes. While Halloween is a great time to be whatever you want to be, at its core, it’s all about gore. If you really want a scary costume you need to get creative with gory makeup, fake blood, guts and missing limbs. You could even watch horror films to get ideas. Horror films really push the limits on gross and disgusting gory scenes and have made a big impact on what’s considered frightening.

Halloween classics like vampire costumes and Frankenstein costumes can become instantly scarier with details like blood and scars. Zombie costumes are also great if you want to wear a gory costume because they are either decaying and rotting or covered in blood and wounds. Headless costumes are another great gory costume idea that’s memorable and impressive, although they’re usually quite elaborate to make. A quick gory costume idea is to cover yourself with bandages and fake blood. Any costume idea can be improved with some gory makeup. Dead, bloody versions of actors, politicians, athletes and historical figures make for easily recognizable costumes.

Serial killers are of course another great gory costume idea֫— whether you make up your own or actually dress like a known serial killer, you’re bound to give everyone the creeps. Of course if you dress like a killer you’re going to need some accessories like a butcher knife, chainsaw, axe and face masks… all covered in blood and gore. There’s really no limit to what kind of gory costume you come up with.

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