Goth Costumes

The term goth describes a very dark style in terms of music, fashion and art. Goth style usually involves black clothing, outrageous hairstyles and unique makeup. Goth costumes can be any type of costume that uses dark clothing or makeup and has a dark or twisted style. Adding goth elements to common costume ideas can be a fun twist, especially on Halloween since people love to wear scary and dark costumes on Halloween.

Sometimes goth costumes work really well with accent colors, especially red, purple and blue. Black and red seem to be the most popular both combination for goth costumes, especially for women. Goth costumes tend to include a lot of black leather, corsets, combat boots and even stuff like capes, belt buckles and chains. Goth costume makeup usually involves dark eyeliner, eyeshadow and bright lipstick, sometimes on both men and women. In some cases goth costumes use while makeup to make the skin look extremely pale. Hairstyles are generally just as outrageous as the makeup, with crazy spikey styles and bright or dark colors.

Many goth costumes are based on vampires, witches, sorcerers and other dark creatures and beings. Goth vampire costumes are popular since vampires generally wear dark colors and have pale skin. Some goth costumes are based on TV shows, movies and book characters, like Edward Scissorhands, Nightmare Before Christmas, Sweeney Todd and The Adams Family. Sometimes cute costumes can be reinvented by adding goth elements, like a Goth fairy costume or a goth clown.

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