Goth Witch Costume


Do you want to bring out your goth side at the next Halloween or costume party?  This Goth Witch costume is the perfect mixture of scary witch and unique goth style.  For those who aren’t familiar with the term “goth,” this is a subculture with certain dark and offbeat tastes in music, art and fashion.  When most people think of goth, they think of someone wearing lots of black, dramatic make-up and intense hairstyles.  The term is also associated with horror, darkness and all that is supernatural. There is a very intentional sense of drama and mystery, which is the perfect fit for this great costume.

Goth style works perfectly in tandem with a Witch costume as, let’s face it, the witch outfit already incorporates a lot of Goth style.   The Goth Maiden Plus Witch Costume will help you make a dramatic, beautiful and yet mysterious entrance. The costume is black with emerald green. The black sleeves are sheer and elegant.  And what witch costume is complete without the signature black witch hat?  The Goth Witch Costume also comes with a tall black witch hat to complete the look.  This is certainly a Goth Witch that has more to love.

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