Gothic Vampire Costume


Few creatures of the night are more suited or more at home during Halloween than the vampire.  These blood-sucking creatures of lore have had a deep impact on the psyche of man.  This ancient concept still has the ability to frighten us even as we surround ourselves with massive advancements in science and technology.  Such is the power of the vampire concept.

While vampires had been a part of folklore all through out Europe, and indeed around the world, for centuries, it was during the 18th and 19th centuries that the vampire rose to fame in literature.  Much of what we think of today when we think of vampire is due to the works of writers like John Polidori and Bram Stroker.  Originally, Polidori’s The Vamprye (1819) is thought to have influenced Stoker’s immortal 1897 work, Dracula.  While many may not know Polidori’s name, they most definitely know his contribution to horror.

Stroker would likely approve of the Gothic Vampire Elite Collection Adult Costume.  This costume transcends the simple cape and fangs. Instead, this complex and well-crafted gothic vampire costume is a reflection of the era in which the vampire rose to fame in literature and became a cultural phenomenon.  The black satin cape looks marvelous as it is lined with a rich red satin.  An impressive burgundy velvet vest with exquisite buttons only further adds to the overall impressiveness of this detailed vampire costume.  A white satin shirt and white gloves make this a costume that will unnerve even the strongest of souls.

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