Great Gazoo Costumes

I love Halloween, for me is the best day of the year to party and have fun. Every year my costumes are funnier and it has get to a point that people expect from me to dress crazier each year. This year I decided to dress up as THE GREAT GAZOO, since is a character that not too much people dress up as. This costume was very simple to make but I, there were many details to nail it.

First the helmet was the most important item of the costume, I made it with a plastic lamp cover of home depot and the antennas are door stoppers spring. The cape I made it myself with a stapler and some cheap fabric. The boots are from home depot and the belt is from a children batman outfit. Obviously the Great Zaboo is a little fat so I used a pillow, to make the effect.

This costume was a total hit and everybody was taking pictures of me all night and I brought back great memories to all of them.

Submitted by Michael Redondo, San Juan,PR

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