Gretel Fairy Tale Costume

Gretel Costume

Halloween parties and costume parties are certainly supposed to be about having a good time.  One of the major reasons that people so look forward to Halloween and costume parties is that these events give them an opportunity to relax and unwind from daily life and just be silly and whimsical.  The Gretel Elite Collection Adult Costume is a fine example of a fun adult costume that is also a most decidedly sexy costume as well.  This fairy tale costume puts a very sexy spin on the fairy tale with great results.

This short blue, black and white dress just shouts, “Look at me.”  The attached apron and white petticoat really helps make this dress a knockout, as does the striking red bandana.  Part of what makes the Gretel Fairy Tale Costume such a winner is that it can be made even sexier with just a few extra touches.

For example, by adding a pair of provocative shoes, this fairy tale costume really comes to life in a major way.  The short lace trimmed ankle socks that come with this woman’s costume make any shoe selection a cute and sexy one.  Of course, adding a sexy wig to the entire outfit could make it shine even more.  There can be little doubt that this costume will succeed in getting lots of attention for its wearer this Halloween season.

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