Group Costumes

Want to make a really big impact at the next Halloween party or costume party you attend?  There are lots of group costumes that when used effectively can really be the hit of the party.  Group Halloween costumes are a great way to walk in and take over the room!  Now you might think that this sounds too hard to coordinate, but it’s actually really easy to come up with group costume ideas.

Tackling Halloween with group Halloween costumes couldn't be any easier.  Imagine for a second your favorite movie or movies!  Lots of people love Star Wars.  There are a lot of great, very authentic looking Star Wars costumes that work well for group costumes.  Imagine Darth Vader and two StormTroopers walking into a Halloween party.  Or imagine the main cast from Wizard of Oz entering the room, or maybe a collection of everyone's favorite Disney characters.  Here is another great idea for costumes for groups, why not dress up as history’s greatest monsters?  Wolfman, Dracula and Frankenstein all entering a room at the same time is definitely group costume magic.

Perhaps you are looking for group costume ideas that are little more offbeat.  If you have a group of female friends you could all come dressed as different versions of Marilyn Monroe.  That idea will certainly get everyone’s attention.  How about a collection of pirates or a group of superheroes?  Several different versions of Batman walking into a room (including one Batman in a fat Batman costume) is certainly going to grab the spotlight.  Group costume ideas are easy once you realize you can do anything.

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