Gumball Machine Costume

My daughter, Megan, decided that she wanted to be something amazing this year for Halloween. She came up with the idea of a Gumball Machine all on her own. I searched for ideas on the web and I did find some Gumball Machine costumes, but they weren’t quite what I was looking for. My daughter was set on the fact that she wanted to be inside of the machine. So, I thought of making the costume more true to the actual Gumball Machine by incorporating the “glass globe”.

This costume took a lot of planning and measuring before I was able to start. The globe was made from vinyl panels that were sewn together. One section of vinyl was only a half piece as I would cut the other half using a mesh fabric. This would allow air flow inside the globe for the costume wearer. The globe was made more stable by attaching donut shaped rings cut from quarter inch plywood.

To secure the “globe” to my daughter’s waist, I used 3” dense foam. We cut it into a circle shape the size of the bottom ring and attached it to the plywood using zip ties. We also cut out a smaller hole in the center of the foam smaller than my daughter’s waist. This would be what would hold the “globe” on. It took some serious squeezing in and out of the costume, but once she was in, it would be ok.

Next, I sewed the “skirt” using a red material. I made the costume warmer by ironing the material to a heavy weight fusible batting. Elastic was used at the top of the skirt and a hula hoop was inserted into a pre-sewn pocket at the bottom to hold it in a circular shape.

I then added details to the front of the skirt using fabric pieces and foam. I printed an oversized quarter off the internet and secured it to a piece of thin cardboard. I also safety pinned a balloon at the “gum return” to look as if there was a gumball coming out. For the top of the globe I just used leftover foam to sculpt the top piece and hot glued on red material. It was attached to the top wooden ring using hot glue. There was a hole left in the center of this piece as well to allow for some access into the globe when the costume wearer is in the costume.

Then, just add lots of bubble gum (balloons) and a colored wig and your look is complete!!! My daughter was a huge hit! Although this costume was time consuming and took a lot of pre-planning and re-planning, it was worth it in the end to see my daughter’s smiles!

Submitted by Melissa, Eagle, ID


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