H2 Transformer Costume

This costume has a basic exoskeleton made up of insulated plastic coffee mugs. All of the body panels are pop riveted to the framework. Most of the vehicle panels came from 2 large scale RC cars, a black Hummer H2, and the Batmobile from Batman begins. The eyes, headlights and turn signals, tail lights and chest logo are all powered by individual L.E.D. book lights.The helmet was a hard shell bike helmet. The removable mask attached to the helmet is made from a desktop organizer for pencils and pens, a soup strainer, shaving razor handles, milk bottle caps and door stops. All parts were painted with Krylon Fusion paint for plastic. The leg pieces below the knee are removable and have snow boots underneath.

Submitted by Scott Schaefer, Knoxville, Tn.

Find it on Spirit Halloween!
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