Headless Bride Costumes

I was cleaning out my sewing room and I came across this wedding dress that I had bought at a yard sale, I was going to use the fabric on another project, Any way I didn't just want to throw It away so I decided to use It for Halloween.
I didn't want to go as just a bride that was too boring so I thought, what about a headless bride.
I went to the local thrift store and got a back pack, and the costume store for some fake hands, I put a long sleeve shirt on the upper half of the back pack and stuffed It, using foam tubes I made two arms attached the hands then put the dress on it.
I Went up underneath the dress and put on the back pack, I cut a hole at the waste line and put my head threw it.
I had to add to the length of the dress, adjust the fake hands to fit my head, Put on some makeup and dropped blood down the front of the dress.
Then went and had a great time everyone loved the costume. Word from the wise ... Do not try to get in your car and drive , Unless you have an extended cab
( extended Up .. ha-ha ) L.O.L.

Submitted by Cindy Elwell, Moreno Valley , CA

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