Headless Costumes

Headless costumes are among the scariest costumes as well as the most elaborate to make. Headless costumes are considered elaborate because they require some sort of structure that creates the illusion of height so that the person wearing it looks like they are holding their own head. In reality of course they’ve created fake shoulders and arms that sit above their head. Even knowing that, the illusion is quite chilling.

The most common headless costume idea is of course the Headless Horseman costume. The character was made popular from the story The Legend of Sleepy Hollow in 1820 in which the character was described as a shoulder who’s head was shot off in the American Revolution who “rides forth to the scene of battle in nightly quest of his head.” In fact, the Headless Horseman costume is so popular that some companies started making Headless Horseman costumes for dogs that turn the dog into his “horse.” For women however the most popular headless costume is Marie Antoinette who was beheaded by a guillotine after being convicted of treason during the French Revolution.

Although these are the most common headless costumes, many creative costume makers have created headless versions of all types of people and characters. Some headless costumes feature modern people and styles of dress. One creative twist on the headless costume is a headless butler costume serving his own head on a platter. Regardless of your personal take on the headless costume, it’s bound to be as elaborate as it is scary.

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