Hippie Chick Dress Adult Costume


Color, color and more color!  The 60’s were swimming in color and life and had some absolutely wild styles, which translate amazingly well into costumes for Halloween and costume parties.  You can be certain that everyone will see you when you walk in the door in this stunning and beautifully crafted psychedelic paisley mini-dress.  This Hippie costume comes with long, flared sleeves and a splendid matching headband.

The Hippie Chick Dress Adult Costume has too much color and life for any onlooker to possibly miss, making it a perfect women’s costume especially for the woman who loves peace and the music of the 1960’s.  Complete this groovy of look with the Lovechild Adult Boots.  You can’t go wrong with these knee high boots with a flower on the side.

The 60’s style is all about fun, and a 60’s costume tells everyone at the party that you are ready for some fun yourself.  With a sexy costume like this one, you can definitely do some serious flirting if you are inclined.  Sixties costumes also immediately let everyone know that you don’t take yourself too seriously and that you like to have a good time.

Who could possibly frown seeing a costume this vibrant and alive?  The Hippie Chick Dress Adult Costume is fun, young and full of life and makes a fabulous adult costume pick.

Find it on Spirit Halloween!
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