Hippie Costume

Hippie culture began in the 1960s in the United States.  Many don’t realize that the term “hippie” is actually derived from the term “hipster” which has its origins in the 1940s. Originally, the term hipster referred to those who were lovers of jazz. In general, hipsters were seen as willingly embracing poverty, experimenting with drugs, and being sexually adventuresome.  All of these traits can also be attributed to the hippies of the 60’s.  The hippie movement of the 60s had a significant impact on culture in a variety of ways, ranging from music to fashion and even politics.  Today, the legacy of the hippie movement is still alive and well and has even taken on many forms.

No one can ever claim that the hippies were boring dressers.  With the hippie movement came an explosion of color onto the fashion scene. Bright colors and wild patterns were the norm, and to this day what we think of as the hippie costume makes for a great Halloween costume.

These 60’s costumes are just plain fun as they make statements about freedom and wildness- two of the key components of Halloween.  There are sixties costumes that embrace the stereotypes of the era, such as the John Q. Woodstock Adult Costume or the Purple Haze Hippie Adult Costume.  Both 60’s costumes make great Halloween costumes, as they are instantly recognizable as representing the groovy era of dress that was the 60’s.  Also, if you like costume wigs, a hippie costume is a good fit. There are so many wild and fun wigs that work so well with 60s costumes.

One fact is certain, hippie costumes are wild, fun and will absolutely, positively, no buts about it, get you noticed.  Some might even go as far as to say that no Halloween party is complete without at least one hippie.

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