Historic Costumes

Historic costumes let you retell part of history in your own way, whether you wear them for a play or reenactment or as a clever Halloween costume. Dressing up like a historical figure is a fun way to connect to the past. Part of the fun of becoming someone from history is to learn about that person and time period so you can accurately act the part.

Historic costumes go all the way back to the first civilizations like Ancient Egypt. Egyptian costumes might include Pharaohs and rulers like King Tut and Cleopatra. Ancient Rome and Byzantine costumes also date back very far in history. Medieval costumes can also be considered historic, although they are also often linked with fantasy costumes with dragons and wizards. American history has many great heroes and leaders that inspire costumes, from presidents to inventors to entrepreneurs to civil rights activists. Some of history’s heroes like Ben Franklyn, Amelia Earhart, George Washington Carver, and Rosa parks make great costumes, especially for young boys and girls looking for role models and historical figures to look up to.

Historic costumes can be based on a specific person in history, but they can also be based solely on the style of dress of a certain time period. Different civilizations throughout history all over the world have worn all types of distinct styles of clothing, hair styles and jewelry that make them recognizable. Historical costumes for adults or kids can be very serious and meant to honor someone, or they can be funny or even scary. Dead historical figure costumes are popular, especially in cases where someone died in a very specific way. For example headless Marie Antoinette costumes are popular as she died by guillotine.

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