Hollywood Costumes

Hollywood has consistently generated amazing characters for decades now.  Not surprisingly, many of these characters have looks and qualities that simply make fantastic and timeless Hollywood costumes.  There is no shortage of good Hollywood costumes and Halloween Hollywood costumes.  When looking for a good Hollywood costume, you will quickly realize that Hollywood costume ideas are plentiful.

For example, there is the ever-popular Hollywood starlet costume.   All of Marilyn Monroe's different looks are ready go, as well as the looks of many other starlets of Hollywood's Golden Age.  In fact, you could go to Halloween parties as Marilyn for years and still not exhaust all of her varied looks!  Perhaps you like your costumes a little more, well, animated.  There are costumes that serve as a tribute to the never aging beauty, Jessica Rabbit, from Who Framed Roger Rabbit?  No one will ever forget that costume or that character.  No one will forget your Halloween appearance either when you are dressed in a Hollywood starlet costume.

But the Hollywood starlet costume is only one of the many Hollywood costume options out there. Of course, there are lots of other great costumes thanks to Hollywood.  For example, there are Batman Masks and Superman Masks. There are also costumes originating from science-fiction hits such as Terminator, Star Wars and Star Trek.

Thanks to Hollywood it is possible to show up at the party as anything from an instantly recognized monster, to an iconic beauty from Hollywood’s Golden Era.  Hollywood's obsession with creativity and birthing new memorable characters make it a natural fountainhead for the creation of new Hollywood costumes and new Hollywood costume ideas.

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