How NOT to Make Kids Costumes


Homemade kids costumes are a lot of fun and definitely cooler than some lame store bought mask, but not all homemade costumes are created equally. Some parents are better at creating costumes than others and unfortunately it's only the kids who suffer. Be careful when making your own homemade costume or your kid might end up like this. These costumes demonstrate how NOT to make kids costumes.

Tan bodysuit + fur = Lion. Yellow Jumpsuit + mop = fail.

Quick! You need 2 Halloween costumes and all you've got is a wooden sword, zorro mask, a bear hat and a bathing suit. Maybe you should just find some sheets and cut holes out for eyes...

Between the color and the weird coil shape these costumes look more like something Spot left on the lawn than snails.

Come on, you already had most of this. Way to spend $2.50 on face paint.

Just because you can cram your baby into a box of Cheerios doesn't meant it's a good costume.

You can't really blame the parents here. She obviously wanted to be a Princess and then changed her mind at the last minute.

These costumes are waste of perfectly good hoodies.

Aw man, what happened to your face Mr Potato Head?

"No, your friends won't make fun of you... this is just as good as their store bought monster masks."

Oh no! This is a really bad costume.

This Scooby Doo costume looks more like a Mr Hanky costume.

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