How to Make a Bee Costume

If you want to create a lot of buzz this Halloween you need to be a bee. To help you be the best bee that you can be we have come up with a buzz worthy bee costume you can make at home. Best of all, you don’t have to be handy around the hive to pull this one off!


Things You’ll Need:

Yellow Bean Bag Chair

Black Fabric Paint

Black Tights

Black Turtle Neck

Black Shoes

Black Headband


Craft Pipe Cleaners

Craft Pom Poms

Putting your Bee Costume Together:

Step 1: Take your bean bag chair and empty all the filling out of it. Cut a holes for your head, arms and legs in the chair. The bean bag chair you choose should have a zipper so you can get in and out of the costume easily.

Step 2: Paint stripes on the bean bag chair using the black fabric paint. Make your antennae by wrapping two black piper cleaners around the headband. Attach two yellow pom poms, one on each pipe cleaner.

Step 3: Put on your tights, turtleneck and shoes. Put on the beanbag bag chair, which is now the body of the costume. Before you zip up the body of the costume fill it with crumbled up newspaper to fill out the body of the costume.

Step 4: You can also add an extra touch to your bee costume by painting your face with Halloween face paint. Stick to black and yellow. You can do more stripes or you can go simple with just a black nose.

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