How-to make a Bic The Lighter Costume

Overall, I am very happy with the way the costume turned out. I have never seen anything like this, and it seems to be 1 of a kind!

Things You'll Need:

card board
duct tape
tissue paper
thumb tacs
spray paint
cross-stitch form
super glue

Putting your Bic The Lighter Together

Step 1: Construction started with the frame - we cut out the cardboard to fit inside the oval with a hole in the middle for my head to come through. This was attached with duct tape.

Step 2: Next we took the vinyl fabric and as I stood with the cardboard over my head, my girlfriend started to attach it to the frame with thumb tacs we spraypainted blue to match the costume.

Step 3: Once the fabric was attached and cut, we had to attach the bottom half of the frame which helps the custume hold its shape. This was achieved by folding the fabric under and hemming with duct tape.

Step 4: Then we took sheets of blue, orange and yellow tissue paper and rolled them up to simulate the flame. This was duct taped in place. we then took tag board and cut out the design for the silver part the covers the flames. This was spray painted with several layers of chrome spray paint and tacked into place with chrome painted tacs as well.

Step 5: Next we took some cardboard and made the shape of the red striker and glued on red felt. The Bic sign was made on heavy craft paper and sharpie markers. This was the last touch and was adhered with super glue.

Submitted by Trevor Duncan, Bellingham, WA

Find it on Spirit Halloween!
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