How to Make a Bunny Costume

If you want to hop on to the Halloween scene in the best bunny costume around you can make one quickly and easily at home. You don’t need a ton of time or money for this hair raising hare costume, just a little creativity and a few things from your closet. The following instructions will help you get started.


Things You’ll Need:

Sweat Pants
Hooded Shirt
Pink Felt
White Felt
Fabric Glue
White Shoes
Craft Wire

Putting your Bunny Costume Together:

Step 1: The base of your costume will be made up of the sweat pants and hooded shirt. You can choose any matching set you want, but bunnies are usually white, brown, black or gray. Try to find shoes that match the color of your sweat pants and hooded shirt, or use fabric paint to paint the shoes to match.

Step 2: The sweat pants can stay as is, but the hooded shirt needs to be altered to make it fit the bunny costume. First and foremost, if your hooded shirt has a front pocket you will need to carefully remove it. Cut a large pink circle and glue it to the center of the hooded shirt. This is your bunny tummy.

Step 3: You will also need to attach ears to your hooded shirt. Cut a large ear shape from the white felt and a smaller from the pink. The pink is glued to the front of the white to make a bunny ear. To make the ears stand up you will need to make a back by cutting another two white for each ear. Hand stitch the back the front leaving an opening to insert craft wire. After you insert craft wire in each ear sew them closed and stitch them to the hood of the hooded shirt.

Step 4: You will need mittens that match your outfit to look like paws. Remember, mittens only have a thumb finger separate. To make the mittens more paw like glue a pink circle to the center of each.

Step 5: Grab your carrots and get hopping!

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