How-to make a Casual Jack-in-the-box Costumes

This is a homemade Jack-in-the-box costume that I made my 8 year old son.

Things You'll Need:

A rubber ball
glue and water
white paint
craft foam
hot glue gun

Putting your Casual Jack-in-the-box Together

Step 1: First, I covered a rubber ball with paper mache until it was stiff (about 4 layers) and then popped the ball, cut a hole and pulled the ball out. I then spray painted the ball white but the paper mache was still lumpy so I covered it some stretchy nylon cloth. I made the eyes and mouth out of felt. So he could see, I replaced the center of the mouth with some plastic mesh that was already colored red. I found the mess at Michael's in the cross stitches section. I used craft foam for the nose and hat. I attached everything with a glue gun and I have the burn marks to prove it.

Submitted by Nadine Sapien, Phoenix, AZ

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