How-to Make A Claw Machine Costumes

My husband and our son are always trying to think up creative and original Halloween costumes that they can make together. During lunch at a pizza place, we noticed a claw machine and thought that it would make a clever Halloween costume. Our son loves to play these machines and most of the stuffed animals we used in the costume were actually won in a claw machine! During trick or treating, he would crouch down so that only his hat showed and then pop up to surprise people. Now that Halloween is over, he will keep the costume in his room and use it to store his stuffed animals!

Things You'll Need:

PVC Pipe
Duct Tape
Plastic Wrap
Tie Wraps
Aluminum Foil
Stuffed Animals
construction paper
battery powered light

Putting your Claw Machine Together

Step 1: Connect pvc pipe to make a rectangle. Secure with duct tape. Put a piece of cardboard in the middle with a hole cut out of it (this will support the stuffed animals and this is where the child will fit through).

Step 2: Attach wheels to 2 2x4s and then using tie wraps and duct tape, secure the 2x4s to the pvc pipe. Attach light to top back of pvc pipe with duct tape. (to have the costume light up during trick or treating.)

Step 3: Wrap vinyl (or fabric if you choose) around the outside on the bottom half, leaving a flap in the back for entry/exit.

Step 4: Wrap upper half with plastic wrap, securing sides, top & bottom with duct tape.

Step 5: Decorate! Finalize duct tape decoration. Make claw & cover with aluminum foil, add details to the outside (like the money slot & handle), fill with stuffed animals & climb in!

Submitted by Brian & Kari Estabrook, Livermore, California

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