How to Make a Cleopatra Costume

If you want to hit the Halloween scene looking like a real goddess, you need to dress like Cleopatra. If you don’t want to wear the standard costume shop Cleopatra get-up you can easily make your own unique costume at home. To enchant all who cross your path this Halloween with a one of kind Cleopatra costume keep reading.

How to Make a Cleopatra Costume

Things You’ll Need:

White Bikini Top
White Short Skirt
Gold Cape
Black Bob Wig
Leather Sandals
Gold Wide Width Belt
Fake Gemstones
Craft Glue
Gold Headpiece or Tiara
Bangle Bracelets and Arm Cuffs
Gold Choker Necklace

Putting your Cleopatra Costume Together:

Step 1: Many of the things on this costume need slight alterations to make them more worthy of a queen. The main alteration involves you bedazzling certain garments with fake gemstones. The best colors for gemstones are turquoise, red and purple. The belt, tiara, choker and sandals should all be decorated with gem stones.

Step 2: Cleopatra wore a lot of jewelry. In particular, she wore arm cuffs on her upper arm and bracelets. Also wear a pair of gold dangle or chandelier earrings. Costume jewelry is fine.

Step 3: The finishing touches on your cleopatra costume are easy. Get a black wig and gold tone cape from a costume shop. You can also carry a gold staff if you can find one. You can make one if you have a large enough stick and gold paint. Next, you will need to do your make-up. Cleopatra wore heavy black eye make-up.

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