How to Make a Clown Costumes

Looking to entertain the masses? Want to be part of the greatest show on earth? Whether you want to dress as a clown for Halloween or for entertainment purposes you don’t need to spend  a lot to get a big reaction from the crowd. In fact, the best clowns are unique and have costumes put together from a various resources. The following instructions will help get you started on your own clown costume.


Things You’ll Need:

Funny Wig
Face Paint
Huge Shoes
Funny Clothes

Putting your Clown Costume Together:

Step 1: With clowns, it is all about individuality so to start your costume off you need to find clothes that are bit off kilter. Look for bright colors, polka dots and things that are oversized. Your top doesn’t have to match your bottom either, clowns can’t be bothered with all that nonsense. You also need huge plastic shoes. They can be purchased from a costume shop.

Step 2: The hair is an important part of being a clown. Your hairdo should be wacky. To accomplish this, you can buy a wig from a costume shop or you can do your hair on your own. If you forgo the wig use colored hairspray to brighten up your mane. Spike your hair or wear three ponytails instead of two. You gotta look crazy!

Step 3: The make up is the fun part of being a clown. You can do whatever you want with this. Make yourself look sad or angry or animated. You can use the face paint to make a red nose or you can buy a bulbous red clown nose from a costume shop. Once your done your make up you are ready to start clowning around.

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