How to Make Cowboy Costumes

The cowboy costume never seems to go out of style. Whether you want to be a cowgirl or a cowboy the best costumes in the west are always homemade. Remember, you don’t want to show up to the saloon on Halloween wearing the same chaps as your worst enemy. Use the following instructions to create a cowboy getup that will  have your friends saying giddy-up all night long.


Things You’ll Need:

Faux Leather or Cow Print Fabric
Dress Shirt
Cowboy Boots
Fake Gun
Cowboy Hat

Putting your Cowboy Costume Together:

Step 1: The first thing you need to do is give a pair of standard denim jeans a bit of old west flair. The way to do this is making it look like you are wearing chaps with them. Cut the shape of chaps from your faux leather or cow print. Cut slits in the waist portion of the faux chaps for your belt to string through. Your belt will hold up the faux chaps.

Step 2: Your dress shirt can be worn as is. You will make it more wild west friendly by wearing a handkerchief draped around your neck. You can also wear a handkerchief over your mouth if you want to look a little more like an outlaw cowboy. Don’t forget your vest. It should be plain brown or black.

Step 3: The finishing touches on your cowboy ensemble are simple. You can get used boots and a cowboy hat from a second hand store. Your fake gun and holster can be purchased form a costume shop. Use some rope from your garage or a local hardware store to make a lasso to hang from your belt.

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