How to Make a Devil Costume

Are you a little naughty? Are you nice, but want to see how the other half lives this Halloween? Either way, you can make a homemade devil costume that is red hot. This popular Halloween costume can be done in mere minutes for very little with a little creativity and the following instructions.


Things You’ll Need:

Devil Tail
Pitch Fork
Red Leggings
Red Turtle Neck
Red Cape
Face Paint
Red Heels

Putting your Devil Costume Together:

Step 1: Red is the color of choice for most good devils so you need to dress all in red. Get a pair of red pants. Leggings work for women, red sweat pants work for men and children. Both men and women can wear a red turtleneck.

Step 2: Once your decked from head to toe in read garb you need red accessories. For women this is easy, just get a pair of red dress shoes or high heels. Men and children can paint a pair of sneakers red if they can’t find a pair of red shoes.

Step 3: Now, you need the final accessories. Most of these will need to be purchased from a costume shop. You need a red cape, a plastic pitch fork and a pair of devil horns.

Step 4: The finishing touch is the face paint. If you are going for scary, paint your face red entirely. If you are going for sexy or glamorous, get glitter paint and just go with red lips and cheeks. You may even be able to find fake red eyelashes.

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