How to Make a Dorothy Costume

If you want to be something simple, sweet and classic for Halloween consider being Dorothy from The Wizard of Oz. You can grab some friends or family and add a scarecrow, tin man, cowardly lion and even a couple of flying monkeys. To make your own Dorothy costume that is as pretty as a picture use the following instructions as your starting point.


Things You’ll Need:

White Dress
Blue Ruffle Hem Apron
Blue Ribbon
Wicker Basket
Stuffed Dog
Blue Socks
Ruby Slippers

Putting your Dorothy Costume Together:

Step 1: Dorothy should wear a simple white dress. It should have short sleeves and be knee length. You can find this style of dress at a second hand store or sew one from standard light weight cotton material. You should wear a blue apron with the dress. It can be solid blue or blue gingham print. The apron should be jumper style and it should have a ruffle hem.

Step 2: The ruby slippers are the most pivotal part of a good Dorothy costume. On occasion stores sell red glitter dress shoes, but you may need to make your own. This is actually pretty simple. Buy a pair of white dress shoes and use red glitter paint to make your ruby slippers. Wear your ruby slippers with a pair of blue socks that match your apron.

Step 3: As with any costume the final details pull the look together. Dorothy wore her hair in a half braid, half ponytail combo that was tied with blue ribbon.  She also carried a picnic basket with her dog Toto in it. These details will put your Dorothy Gale costume over the top!

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