How to Make a Flapper Costume

The roaring twenties were and exciting and fashion filled decade that spawned decades of Halloween costumes. If you want to swing into this years Halloween bash dressed like a fabulous flapper you can do so for very little. The following instructions will help you create a unique and affordable flapper costume at home.


Things You’ll Need:

Black Tank Dress
Black Pantyhose
Black Fringe Trim
Black High Heels
Feather Boa
Craft Feathers
Elastic Fabric Headband
Short Bob Wig
Long Strand of Pearls

Putting your Flapper Costume Together:

Step 1: Flapper dresses are pretty easy to make on your own. You buy a solid black tank dress from a second hand shop, then make a few simple alterations. Buy black fringe fabric trim from your local craft or fabric store. Attach that trim from the top to the bottom of that dress in even intervals. You can do this with a simple slipstitch or a strong fabric glue.

Step 2: To make the headband that flappers wore in the twenties you will take the stretch headband and attach a black feather to it. The feather should be slightly to the side and upright. You can attach it with glue or a small stitch.

Step 3: The accessories though simple make the flapper costume. Flappers wear a long strand of pearls that hangs to their midsection. They wear chunky heals and a feather boa. In many depictions flappers also carry a cigarette holder. You can find a fake cigarette holder at a costume shop.

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