How to Make a Girl’s Pirate Costumes

Does your little one want to saunter into their Halloween party as a swash buckling pirate? Well, your little one will surely have her friends walking the plank with this homemade pirate costume. All you need are a few things from around your home and a little bit of prep time, and voila you have a pirate costume that will have your kids friends shaking in their boots.


Things you’ll Need:

Red Vest
White Blouse
Black Pants
Black String
Eye Patch
Black Scarf
Paper Towel Tube
Clear plastic

Putting your Pirate Costume Together:

Step 1: The white blouse needs to be altered so that it has a more pirate like style. It should have a partial button down style. Remove the buttons and make vertical holes opposite the button holes. Use black string to lace the shirt up. The shirt should also be slightly loose and long.

Step 2: The red vest goes over the white blouse. Tie the black scarf around the waist of the vest so it looks like a belt or sash. Keep it loose.

Step 3: To make the paper towel tube into a gyroscope paint it black with two gold ends. Use clear plastic to cut the circle lens. Inset them about a half inch in to the tube and glue them.

Step 4: Cut a sword out of cardboard and paint it silver with a black handle.  Tuck the sword in the belt/sash waist.

Step 5: Nothing needs to be done with the pants, just put the on with a pair of black boots and your little one is ready to sail the seven seas.

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