How to Make a Hippie Costume

Do you want a Halloween costume that is totally groovy? Are you looking to give off good vibes and celebrate peace, love and harmony this Halloween? Dressing up as a hippie is easy and fun. Best of all, you can put this costume together for little to no out of pocket cost. The following ideas will help you put together a hippie costume that is totally out of sight!


Things You’ll Need:

Bell Bottoms
Tie  Die Shirt
Flip Flops
Long Wig

Putting your Hippy Costume Together:

Step 1: Bell bottoms are a hippie halloween costume must. The wider the bottom the better. Scourer local second hand shops and places like Ebay for an authentic pair of bell bottoms. You can add patches to them to make them more groovy.

Step 2: Tie die shirts really say seventies. You can buy a tie die shirt retail or second hand. You can also make a tie die shirt at home using fabric die and a white tee shirt. Twist your shirt up with rubber bands and dip it in one color and take it out and let it dry. Then, twist it another way and dip it in another color. Keep repeating this process until you get a design that you like.

Step 3: The final touches are the sunglasses, which should be small round and tinted. A long straight wig. Tie a handkerchief like a headband around your head. Wear a pair of plain flip flops. Top it off with a peace symbol necklace.

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