How to Make a Jasmine Costume

Okay, so maybe you won’t be going on a magic carpet ride, but dressing as Princess Jasmine can still be a lot of fun. Plus, you don’t have to be royalty to afford this costume. You can easily make your own Princess Jasmine costume at home for little to no out of pocket cost.


Things You’ll Need:

Light Weight Purple Baggy Pants
Purple Tankini Top
Purple Dress Gloves
Gold Trim
Gold Crown or Tiara
Ballet Flats
Gold Bracelets
Costume Jewelry
Gold Earrings
Black Wig

Putting your Princess Jasmine Costume Together:

Step 1: Princess Jasmine wears a typical harem style costume. This means that the pants she wears are baggy and fit loosely and the top she wears is tight and exposes her midriff. Both should be a royal purple.

Step 2: Princess Jasmine’s outfit should have sleeves to make faux sleeves cut the hands off the purple gloves. Trim the top and bottom of the gloves, shirt and pants with the gold trim.

Step 3: Princess Jasmine wears ballet flats that match her outfit. She also wear a tiara or gold crown.  Her hair should be worn in a french twist or braid with ribbon that matches her outfit. Jasmine has black long hair so if you don’t have black hair you can buy a black wig from a costume shop.

Step 4: Princess Jasmine is big on accessories. She should have on big round gold earrings and gold bangle style bracelets. She may also wear gold choker style necklaces adorned with lots of gems.


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