How to Make a Marge Simpson Costume

Wanna dress as a classic and iconic cartoon character that is loved by the masses? Well, go as Marge Simpson! If your a mom your kids will love it, and if your not your friends will get a kick out of it. Best of all, there is not much to making this costume at home.


Things you’ll Need:

Lots of Cotton Balls
Medium Sized Foam Balls
Primary Blue and Red Spray Paint
Poster Board
Lime Green Fabric

Putting your Marge Simpson Costume Together:

Step 1: Take the poster board and wrap it around your head so it fits on your head like a hat. Staple it in a cylinder shape that fits your head. Make a top for the cylinder by cutting a correctly sized circle out of cardboard. Affix the circle to the cylinder top with glue. Now, you have the beginnings of Marge’s iconic hairdo.

Step 2: Spray paint all the cotton balls with the primary blue spray paint. Make sure they are covered entirely. Take the cotton balls and glue them to the cylinder. Cover the entire thing. Make the top rounded by making an extra pile of cotton balls on top.

Step 3: Spray paint 12 foam balls red. Use a pen or pencil to make a hole through the center of each foam ball. String the foam balls on a piece of string to make Marge’s pearl necklace. Tie the necklace on at the back of your neck.

Step 4: Take the lime green fabric and wrap it around you to make Marge’s  strapless dress. You can close it with safety pins or if you are crafty like Marge you can sew it.

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