How to Make a Mummy Costume

Do you want to be a mummy this Halloween, but hesitate wrapping yourself in toilet paper? Good news, there are plenty of ways to make a mummy costume more effectively. So, put down the toilet paper and pull up a chair and read this how to make a mummy costume tutorial.


Things You’ll Need:

White Sweat Pants
White Turtle Neck
White Sneakers
4 Yards Gauze Fabric
Face Paint
Tea Bags
Safety Pins

Putting Together your Mummy Costume:

Step 1: Get at least 4 yards of gauze cut at your local fabric store. Look for white, off-white or cream colored gauze. Cut the fabric in strips to wrap around your body.

Step 2: Fill your bath tub with water and put several tea bags in. Put your sweat shirt and pants, along with your gauze strips. Allow all the items to soak up the color from the tea water, and then hang them dry. After all, Mummies don’t always have the whitest whites.

Step 3: After you are dressed in your sweat suit wrap yourself in the gauze strips. You can use a safety pin to fasten the strips. Leave some straps to dangle from your arms and legs.

Step 4: Before you wrap your face and head in the gauze strips you can paint your face. Use gray, black and white to create a pale mysterious appearance. After you are done painting your face wrap your face and head and secure the gauze strips with a safety pin. Try and tuck the safety pins on the underside of the gauze so they are concealed.

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