How to Make a Ninja Costume

Are you the strong silent type? If so, the ninja costume may be the perfect Halloween costume for you. Slip in and out of Halloween festivities this year leaving a trail of mystery in your path. In just a few simple steps you can get into character and fool your friends and family with this fabulous ninja costume.


Things You’ll Need:

Black Clothes
Black Scarf
Black Boots
Red Sash
Ninja Weapons

Putting Together your Ninja Costume:

Step 1: The clothing is the easiest part about being a ninja. Generally, a good ninja wants to be stealthy so they wear all black. Get a pair of black sweat pants that are not too loose. Pair it with a black turtle neck or high neck top.

Step 2: Use the black scarf to wrap you head and face leaving only your eyes revealed. A safety pin may help fasten the scarf so it doesn’t come loose while you are out and about. Tie the red sash around your waist leaving the ends hanging to the side.

Step 3: Put the finishing touches on your ninja costume by pair it with plain black sneakers or boots. Wear black socks. Make sure as little skin possible is showing.

Step 4: Ninjas use a variety of weapons. Halloween stores and costume shops carry a variety of plastic ninja weapons. Don’t over do it with the weapons, pick one. There are plastic nunchucks and swords along with a variety of other plastic ninja weapons for Halloween.

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