How To Make Patrick Star Costumes

My older son LOVES Spongebob Squarepants so of course that's what he requested to be this year. I then asked him what his little brother should be and he insisted Patrick Star. Lucian is 5 months old and this is his first Halloween. My mom made all of our costumes when we were kids so I'm carrying on the tradition. I love being a stay at home mom to be able to do this for them.

Things You'll Need:

Pink Fleece
Pink ribbed knit
Pink 1/2" double fold bias tape
12" zipper
Fiber fill
White felt
Black felt
Sharpie marker
Hot glue gun
1/4" elastic
3/4" velcro
Sewing machine

Putting your Patrick Star Together

Step 1: Jumper just needs to be sized to fit your child, I used a size 2 and downscaled toI started with McCall’s 8938 and skip any animal parts just need the basic jumper and hood pieces. fit my 5 month old son. It’s made from fleece with elastic around the ankles, zipper in the back, and double fold 1/2” bias tape around the neckline.

Step 2: The shorts I used the jumper pattern then folded along the waistline adding a few inches for folding down the waistband, and shortened the legs to the knees adding a couple inches for hemming up. Once sewn I seam ripped the front hem and threaded some ¼” cord through to make them drawstring.

Step 3: The hood I kept the original pattern shape for the liner then for the outer layer I elongated it by drawing a line up from the ear line and used a cup to round the top. Then I took the middle pattern piece and elongated it to match the new length keeping the front and back the same shape just added a few more inches in the middle. I skipped the elastic in the hood so it would drape his shoulders. I stuffed the top of the hood with fiber fill then hand sewed it closed. I cut the eyes and eyebrows out of felt and used a sharpie marker to outline the eyes giving them depth. I attached them using hot glue.

Submitted by Eileen Shows, Leander

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