How to Make a Peter Pan Costume

Whether you are dressing as Peter Pan for a play or for Halloween you need a costume worthy of a lost boy. Before you head off to Never Never Land unprepared, prepare yourself a homemade Peter Pan costume worthy of a fairy tale. You can get started with the following instructions.


Things You’ll Need:

Oversized Green Scrubs Shirt
Green Tights
Small Green Dress Cap or Beret
Red Feather
Wide Width Brown Leather belt
Plastic Sword
Brown Ballet Flat or Slippers

Putting your Peter Pan Costume Together:

Step 1: Whether you see him in a book, movie or play Peter Pan is always in a green tunic and matching green tights. To make the green tunic cut the hem and sleeves on the green scrubs shirt in a zig zag pattern. Use the brown wide width belt to cinch the waist of the tunic.

Step 2: The rest of your Peter Pans outfit is quite simple to put together. The hat should sit on the top of the head only. Attach the red feather to the hat on the front slightly to the side. The slippers really look best when they are ballet style and brown. Slippers like this are sold at department stores everywhere.

Step 3: The final item for your Peter Pan ensemble is the sword he fights Captain Hook with. You can use a plastic sword from a  costume shop or make your own. To make your own sword cut the sword shape from cardboard and then wrap the blade in tin foil. The handle can be colored in with brown or black marker.

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