How to Make a Pirate Costumes

Arr matey! So, you want to dress-up like a pirate this Halloween. Thanks to Johnny Depp and all those pirate movies he did recently you are not alone. The pirate costume has emerged as one of the most popular costumes in recent years. If you want to do this popular costume in a unique and inexpensive way all you need is a little bit of know how and a couple of things from your closet!


Things You’ll Need

Clothes ( pants, skirts, button up shirts)
Leather Belt
Costume Jewelry

Putting Together your Pirate Costume:

Step 1: They say clothes make the man, clothes really make the pirate. Look for gray or black pants that are either really tight or really loose. Pirates don’t do in-between. You can also wear a skirt if you are a girl pirate. Look for a peasant style skirt. Whether you choose a skirt or pants, cut the bottom hem off to make the garment look more worn and rag tag.

Step 2: A simple button-up shirt that is baggy in fit will do for girl and boy pirate costumes. To make the shirt more rag tag, stain it up or cut it in a few places.

Step 3: Look for a simple vest that is solid colored or striped. It should also be loose in fit.

Step 4: Find a pair of boots. Tall black boots work best. Dark brown leather boots work as well.

Step 5: Pirates are not afraid to accessorize. They wear bandannas on their head and tied on their arms. They wear scarves draped and tied all over. Plus, they like the bling. Find your gaudiest costume jewelry and pile it on. A brown leather belt worn loosely is also a pirate fashion must.

Step 6: To put the finishing touch on your pirate costume you will need a plastic sword, no self respecting pirate shoves off without his weapon.

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