How to Make a Q-Tip Costume

Looking for a Halloween costume a bit out of the ordinary? Want something that will have all who lay eyes on you rolling in the isles? Well, this costume for a blue Q-Tip will not disappoint. The bonus is that you can make this costume for next to nothing, and you don’t have to be crafty to do it because it is easy to make.


Things you’ll Need:

Blue Plastic Wrap
White felt
Blue or White Clothes
Fabric Glue
Old Baseball Cap
White Shoes

Putting your Blue Q-Tip Costume Together:

Step 1: To make the hat you will take and old baseball cap and wrap white felt around it. Make a cylinder shaped puff with the felt, so it looks like the head of the Q-Tip. Use the fabric glue to keep it in the desired shape.

Step 2: Wrap your torso with blue plastic wrap after you put on blue or white clothes. Wrap each arm, each leg and your waist with the blue plastic wrap as well. If necessary use tape to make sure that you don’t unravel.

Step 3: Put on your white shoes. Wrap each leg from ankle to just below the knee with white felt. Make sure the felt layer is thick. When you stand with your legs together the width of the felt should look even to the puff of your hat. Tape the felt on your legs rather than gluing it so it is easier to take the costume off.

Find it on Spirit Halloween!
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