How-to Make a Renaissance Couples Costume

Whether you are headed for the Renaissance fair or a Halloween party dressing as a Renaissance couple can be easy and fun. All you need to know are the basic wardrobe staples for each gender during this era in history and you are good to go. No creativity needed, just a list and a few items from your closet or a thrift store.


Things you’ll Need:

Costume Jewelry

Putting your Couple Renaissance Couple Costume Together:

Step 1: Men were considered superior to women back in those days so we will start with their wardrobe attire first. For a shirt, you will look for a long tunic. Typically, it would be beige or white in color. You would probably wear knickers or capri length pants with them and those pants would fit tight. Black or brown is best for color.

Step 2: Accessorizing the man, yes I said it, many men were blinged out in those days. They would definitely have a belt around their waist. Typically wide width. They wore rings and medallion style necklaces.

Step 3: Women wore peasant blouses with or without ruffles. Sometimes they would wear a corset or vest that pushed their chest up over top their blouse. Their skirt would be full length. They would either wear solid colors or tapestry style prints.

Step 4: Women wore jewelry on occasion. They may have a cross or medallion necklace or a ring that signified their marital status. Richer women wore big baubles on their rings and necklaces.

Step 5: Peasant women would wear wooden shoes in medieval times, but that doesn’t work for a Halloween costume. Look for a basic sandal or a ballet slipper. Men should wear tall leather boots that match their pants and belt.

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