How-to make a Sandcastle Costumes

Wish you were at the beach? Make it so with just a few materials.

Things You'll Need:

1 inch Foam sheet
Sturdy Cardboard or Light Plywood for frame
Brown Spray Paint
Sea Shells
Beach Toys
Thick Elastic, Suspenders or Wide Ribbon
Hot Glue
Small amount of Playground Sand

Putting your Sandcastle Together

Step 1: Create a frame for the sandcastle out of sturdy cardboard or light-weight plywood. Cut a hole in the center for the trick or treater to stand in. Make your shape however big you want your desired sandcastle to be. We made ours so that we could fit one large and two smaller towers on either side.

Step 2: Roll your foam into circle shapes, as desired. We created one large cicle for our son to be in and then two other smaller circles to add to our sandcastle. Then hot glue into shape and glue to frame

Step 3: Cut the tops of the foam to look like castle spires. Then cut out a window for your trick or treater to look out (make sure to measure where to cut with them in it - so when it is cut they can see out. You can then take the foam scraps and crate dimention to the towers by adding window outlines. Hot glue into place.

Step 4: Spray paint the foam. The foam has a natural sparkel when painted - so it does look like sand on it's own. If you get 2 different colors of paint you can add a darker color to the windows to make them more defined.

Step 5: With hot glue add, real sand to cover the outside bottom of your cardboard or plywood base (lay base of glue and then sprinkle sand on or you can also mix with school glue and paint on. Attatch the elastic, wide ribbon or suspenders to the base to keep it on the trick or treaters shoulders. Add shells and beach toys. We also added a flag we made with scrap material and a dowl rod. On ours we added one of the birds from "Finding Nemo" made from foam scraps and painted the details. Wear beach shorts and a hawaiian shirt and your ready to go. Use a beach bucket for trick or treat candy. You will so score the best candy with this creative costume

Submitted by Cassie, Colorado Springs

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